Monday, June 28, 2010

The Great Spider Hunters

Our new house is awesome! The backyard is big, fenced, lush with green grass, and full of THESE!!

(Click to make it big, but beware, it's scary!) :o

We LOVE to hunt spiders and anything else that crawls or buzzes our heads, for that matter! :)

Now, Momma isn't as impressed with this amenity as we are. She doesn't much like arachnids! (Can you tell that Dally's been sneaking peeks at Momma's "Word of the Day" calendar?)

Anyhoo...we don't mind these varmints being in our yard, but we ARE miffed at the chutzpah (from the "Yiddish Word of the Day" calendar) they showed in climbing into OUR swimming pool?!?!

So, Reggie and Peyton had to fetch them out while Dallas supervised the extermination.

Whew! Now it's safe to go back into the water!

(A supervisor's job is NEVER done!) ;)

Touchdowns and Tummy Rubs to You All!
Dallas, Reggie and Peyton
The Pug Corral


  1. Oy Gevelt!!! That's a HUGE spider!!!!!

    I enjoy eating them too...I find they have a piquant flavor like nothing else!

    Your new yard IS awesome! Do you need a pool boy for the summer??? ;-)

    Kisses to all,


  2. Ahhhh spiders! Sequoia likes to eat em, but I rahter not touch them, eeww. We hope you all get rid of those scary eight leggy things.

    Tuni aka arachnid-phobic pug

  3. Spiders? I'm not sure what they are. Mommy wants me to tell you that she doesn't think I see them. Hmm...I guess not. I love your pool! It's just like mine! Hope you're enjoying your summer so far!

  4. Yes, Sal, we do need a pool boy! Come on over! We miss you!

    Tuni: Dally doesn't like them either, that's why he supervises the hunts. :) But, Peyton and Reggie LOVE them!

    Apollo: It's a good thing you don't see them! That just means you have more time to spend on better things like eating and sleeping! :)

  5. We are happee you are enjoying your new house. We think you better charge rent to that monstrous spider.
    Benny & Lily

  6. EEEWWWW!!! Spiders!! The momma is less than fond of those! She says if it has more than 4 legs it doesn't belong in our house!!! Glad you have spider chaser!! Maybe you could come chase them at our house!! =)



  7. Hi cutie pies
    Thank you for stopping by to say hello to me.
    Now Icame to see you.
    You three are adorables. Too cute to even look at.
    I was looking at all your photos and then I saw those spiders and I had to RUN!

  8. EEEEEEEEKS!!!!! SPIDERS!!!! (Or should I say "OY VEY!!!!"???)

    Good thing you big handsome men are there to get 'em!!!

    Lick ya later!


  9. Hi friends! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi! I like football too but I'm a Dolphins fan (my middle name isn't Marino for nothing!). Mom says we've had a bad couple of decades though. Looking forward to reading your blog!


  10. Hello sweeties, it is so nice to read your blog! We wanted to let you know that we posted your story from the raffle for the dog toy on our blog today, so stop in and see your cute faces grace my blog's page!

    With love-

    Jess, JD, and Ringo

  11. Jeff, buddy.....I just seen yer vidyuh over at Aunt Laura's blog.

    Lemme give ya some pointers, kid. Yer supposed tuh PERTECT the QB!

    But I give ya a A fer effort.

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  14. We loved that you are enjoying your new house with the big backyard. That sure is a big spider. We hope you are all ok. Thanks for the share. Have a great weekend.
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