Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We Won't Be Ignored Anymore!

For MORE THAN A MONTH NOW, we have begged and begged our MOTHER to let us blog, but NO!!! She's been TOO BUSY with OTHER STUFF! What can be MORE important than US?!?!

Well, we thought we would take matters into our own paws and force her hand at some blog-worthy pictures and it worked!

Below you will see the tantrum we threw when our family left us to run errands or some OTHER STUFF!

Kleenexes, Kleenexes EVERYWHERE! And not a one to use!

Momma was mad, but immediately felt badly, because she knew we were only acting out due to recently being neglected. Daddy was, what did he call it? Oh, yeah, "Pottied!" (We're too young to say the other "P" word!) Daddy did not immediately, or unimmediately, or EVER feel badly.

Drill Instructor Daddy assigned us to KP duty! Oy vey!

As you can tell, Reggie was a little "Pottied" himself. Dallas, being the evil genius that he is, is already plotting his next scheme!

Happy Havocs, Touchdowns and Tummy Rubs to All!
Dallas Clark and Reggie Wayne


  1. "Pottied"! HAHAHAHAAAA!

    Tell Drill Sargeant Dad that he was lucky it was just kleenex. You both should have left "Anger nuggets" (like Sophie does!) to protest all this ignoring going on!

    We'll miss you guys on Saturday (Holden has football) but let mom know if you want to walk in the 'hood! She's always dragging me around out there!


  2. Awww...we will miss you too! But, wish Holden luck for us!

    Also, please tell Holden we are sorry! Rita told us that Momma TOTALLY embarassed him at the Homecoming Parade Friday when she yelled his name. He had no idea who she was! Rita said he looked scared!

    *MOMMA'S NOTE: I don't know how Rita would know, because from what I could tell, all Rita was doing was staring at Mr. Schlagelmilch-#44! :o

    We LOVE that those two are sporting our numbers! GO EAGLES! And remember, it doesn't matter who wins or loses, it's how much you make the other team bleed! Bwhahaha! Oopss...flag on the play...unsportsmanlike conduct! SO FINE US!

  3. Super cute pics, sorry you got your dad pottied, but that will teach him to ignore you. ERrrrr maybe not just run fast next time!

    Lots of Licks--
    Oak and Swish

    S dog, Daddy Clark is a Marine and we did not have Drill Sergeants we had Drill Instructors.
    To my deffense there where also anger nuggets and other things misplaced.
    Regg and Dally, YOu know being left out of your cages is a privilage and since we are so unhappy about being left out of our cage when Mommy and Daddy have to take care of things, You are both now placed on Barracks Restriction when we humans leave the house and no longer will be alowed to roam free about the lower level of the house.
    Love Daddy Drill Instructor.

  5. The pictures look like you had fun while you could. I'm being confined to puggy jail too when no one is home. Something about "accidents" in Aunt Manda's room and eliminating me as a suspect. What the heck is that all about? I'm sure Madie can poop smaller to frame me. I'm sure of it!! I'll bet it was the cats . . .


  6. awesome...just a note, toilet papering the house works too
    Benny & Lily